Satvah GSN plus differs from a fatty-based soap in many ways:

Guaranteed more than 40 TFM. The lab test will be passed for all BIS standards anywhere Laboratory in India.

  • Available in Flakes form. Easy processability – melt & pour and Less production time.
  • More Moisturising and Softening
  • Superior transparency, More Glycerin.
  • High Foam Level, Low-cost efficiency
  • Milder formulation
  • Superior fragrance retention at low perfume levels
  • Colour maintains for a long time.
  • Ph Balance





Satvah GSN Plus is available in HDPE bags of 25 kg net wt. A total of 28 bags are packed on one pallet. Palletized 14.4 MT material can be shipped in one full 20 ft. container.

Steps involved in making a transparent bathing bar:

Step 1 : Use SS 304 / 316 Jacketed Reactor with starter and speed controller all material contact parts should be of Stainless Steel. Do  not use any other material.

Step 2 : The reactor to be cleaned thoroughly with hot water. It should be odourless before melting Ideally, batch size can be 70 – 80% of the reactor capacity. Use low-pressure steam / hot water for melting.

Step 3 : Ideally batch size can be 70 – 80% of the reactor capacity. Use low pressure steam / hot water for melting. Initially melt sufficient amount of Satvah GSN Plus flakes for the stirrer to operate. Then by maintaining temperature between 70°– 75° C keep adding further quantity of flakes.

Step 4 : Excessive heating / higher temperature may result in nearby yellow colour and water loss which will reduce transparency or give opaque product.

Step 5 : Moisture content in the final bathing bar shall be in the range of 19.0 to 22.0 %. Monitor the same with Karl Fischer. Add some part of the water if more moisture loss.

Step 6 : Add sufficient selected colour and Fragrance. In the case of soluble oil colours, make a colour solution in perfume or propylene glycol. Since the colour of perfume can affect transparency; choose a lighter-coloured or colourless perfume.

Step 7 : Stop heating and start cooling with ordinary water. Stop mixing in the reactor for a few minutes till air bubbles are cleared.
Pour the material in suitable moulds.

Step 8 : Pour the material in suitable moulds.

Step 9 : Start cooling the mould system with water. Cooling with chilled water (4° – 5° C) enhances transparency.

Step 10 : The product would start solidifying at 58° – 62° C. Finish of the bar would depend on quality of the moulds. Once cooled, it can be stamped, which improves transparency.

Step 11 : Transparent bar is ready to use.

Do you know?

As per BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS 13498:1997, the Transparent glycerin bathing bar must contain a minimum 40 Total Fatty Matter (TFM).



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